Image of Senitec M1000 Oily Water Separator which is similar to the SWT2500. Photo Magnus Gripenwald.

CMS can help you with writing of Technical Reports, Marine Operating Manuals, Design Philosophies, Specifications, Technical Inquiry’s or other types of documentation. CMS have extensive experience with working with classification rules and regulations as well as international and national standards.

Some of the work that has been performed:

  • Development and writing of chapters in FPU (Floating Production Unit) Marine Operations Manual. Chapters include but are not limited to: Watertight closing means, Elevators, Helideck design, Watertight Doors, Mooring system. Operating procedures for: Watertight Doors, Elevators, On-board chain handling Chain lockers, HVAC.
  • Development and writing of chapters for Oily Water Separator Senitec Operations Manual.
  • Development of Tank Sounding tables for Ballast water tanks and Voids for semi-submersible.
  • Development and writing of temporary ballast transfer procedure for inclining test.
  • Safety Data Sheets for semi-submersibles
  • Development of new drawings for mooring equipment components to be redesigned prior to tow out from yard.
  • Comparative study of permeability between Design and As-built condition for water ballast tanks.

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