The combination of onboard work experience from both merchant and fishing vessels together with Naval Architectural skills gives CMS a unique specialist competence within the Marine Outfitting (MO) discipline. In this role CMS have acted as MO Discipline leads at GVA for several large projects.

The scope of work have comprised but is not limited to:

  • Helideck arrangement according to CAP437, CAP1077, NMA
  • Mooring arrangement – On/Off Vessel
  • Barge Mooring arrangement
  • Bunker Station arrangement
  • Watertight & Weathertight doors and Hatches arrangement
  • Hatches and Manhole covers arrangement
  • External access platforms, ladders and stairs arrangement
  • Internal access platforms, ladders and stairs arrangement
  • Towing and Supply boat arrangement
  • Draught marks arrangement
  • Field of vision drawings
  • Life Savings Arrangement
  • Navigation/Obstruction lights and fog signals arrangement
  • Weight control

CMS plans, leads and executes above project tasks according to classification rules and technical specification  to ensure project deliverables are on time and to a high standard. The work is carried out using AutoCAD and other software tools. 

Every project is unique, give us a call and express your needs.