Canopus Marine Solutions, CMS, provides solutions and services within Naval Architecture, marine equipment outfitting and exhaust emission reduction to the marine and offshore industry. CMS can assist you with specialist competence in:

Marine Outfitting


Onboard work experience from both merchant and fishing vessels together with Naval Architectural skills gives CMS a unique specialist competence within the Marine Outfitting (MO) discipline. In this role CMS have acted as MO Discipline leads at GVA for several large projects. 

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Technical documentation


CMS can help you with writing of Technical Reports, Marine Operating Manuals, Design Philosophies, Specifications, Technical Inquiry’s or other types of documentation. CMS have extensive experience with working with classification rules and regulations as well as international and national standards.

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Exhaust emission reduction


CMS can assist you with exhaust emission reduction from diesel engines affected by present or coming legislation. CMS have worked for several years with reduction of exhaust emissions by different types of measures. Mainly with SCR-systems (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for reduction of NOx (nitrogen oxides). 

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Yachts and work boats

45 ft Yacht with IPS600

CMS have worked as Application engineers for many years with Yachts and Work Boats and evaluated a number of different propulsion alternatives and hull types.

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Project Management


CMS have acted as Project Managers and Project Coordinators in many different projects and positions.

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CMS have worked with commissioning many years on different marine systems on various types of vessels.

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