• Development of Tank Sounding tables for Ballast water tanks and Voids for Floating Production Unit (FPU) Jack & St. Malo at GVA. Work was carried out with software Autohydro and internal GVA programmes.
  • Development and writing of temporary ballast transfer procedure for inclining test at Kiewit Shipyard in US. Development of temporary mooring and tug boat arrangement drawings for inclining test.
  • Comparative study of permeability between Design and As-built condition for two water ballast tanks.
  • Development of new drawings for mooring equipment components to be redesigned prior to tow out from yard.
  • Development and writing of chapters in FPU Marine Operations Manual. Chapters include but are not limited to: Watertight closing means, Elevators, Helideck design, Watertight Doors, Mooring system. Operating procedures for: Watertight Doors, Elevators, On-board chain handling Chain lockers, HVAC. Appendixes. Work partly carried out in software Axis.

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