Heerema’s Thialf. An older generation Semi Submersible Heavy Lift Vessel. Courtesy Arie Lievaart, Heerema.

Heerema Offshore Services – New Semi-submersible Crane Vessel (NSCV)

Discipline Lead for Marine Outfitting through feasibility and conceptual studies and Basic Design phase at GVA. Responsible for following disciplines in the project: On vessel Mooring Arrangement, Barge Mooring Arrangement including Bunker station, Helideck Arrangement, Arrangement of Obstruction lights and fog signals, Emergency Towing Arrangement, Arrangement of Internal/External Access platforms, Ladders and Stairs, Arrangement of Watertight/Weather tight Doors and Hatches, Arrangement of Hatches and Manhole Covers, Weight Control for Marine Outfitting discipline.


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