Canopus will act as Marine Outfitting Discipline Lead for GVA Consultants!

on Sep 2, 2013

Canopus have been offered by GVA Consultants to act as Discipline Lead within MO (Marine Outfitting) for large New Building project. The work will comprise but is not limited to:

  • Helideck Arrangement
  • On/Off Vessel Mooring Arrangement
  • Barge Mooring Arrangement
  • Bunker Station Arrangement
  • Towing Arrangement
  • Arrangements of Water tight / Weather tight Doors and Hatches
  • Arrangement of internal/ external Ladders, Stairs and platforms
  • Field of vision drawings

Canopus will plan, lead and execute above MO project tasks according to classification rules to ensure project deliverables are on time and to a high standard. The work will be carried out using AutoCAD and other software tools. Canopus will further plan and deliver MO documents such as Design Philosophies, Specifications etc.
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