Canopus develops charge air drain solution for two-stroke engines!

on Mar 20, 2011

Charge_air_drainIn cooperation with Wärtsilä Sweden AB Canopus have developed a charge air drain solution for two-stroke engines.

Charge Air Condense water drain solutionThe solution has been reviewed by the Swedish Flagstate with the following comments:

“According to MEPC.1/Circ.642 it is possible to discharge the condensate water from the charge air cooler directly overboard. Since it cannot be made absolutely certain that the condensate water from air coolers does not contain oil, you suggest to discharge this water through the existing 15 ppm oil content meter.

The Swedish Maritime Transport Agency share your concern about condensate water containing oil and consider your solution to decrease the risk of pollution by oil and thereby increasing the ships environmental protection.

The Swedish Maritime Transport Agency has therefore no objection to the mode of procedure you suggest.”

The proposed solution works together with Oily Water Separator systems.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!