A “star” is born! Canopus Marine Solutions AB is started!

on Aug 10, 2010
A “star” is born! Canopus Marine Solutions AB is started!

Canopus Marine Solutions – CMS – was started by Ralf Bokesjö and Magnus Gripenwald on August 10 2010. Both founders have spent most of their lives working in the marine industry. They first met at Volvo Penta working in the same department and became friends. They have since worked for different companies before joining forces at CMS.

The intention of the founders is that CMS shall be a company characterized by top quality products and services together with strong customer and employee satisfaction. CMS will be owned by its employees.


Canopus is the second-brightest star in all the heavens. But many in the northern hemisphere never see it, because Canopus is located far to the south on the celestial sphere, the imaginary sphere of stars surrounding Earth. As Alpha Carinae, Canopus is the brightest star in the Keel, a part of the former constellation of Argo Navis, the ship of Jason and his famed Argonauts. Canopus is also called the “ship of the desert”.
Canopus together with Marine Solutions makes a positive name for a marine company. CMS ambition is to be the brightest star on the marine solutions sky!