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Naval Architects & Marine Engineers

Canopus Marine Solutions, CMS, provides solutions and services within Naval Architecture, marine outfitting and exhaust emission reduction to the marine and offshore industry.


CMS is founded by Naval Architects and Marine Engineers with extensive experience from the marine sector, both offshore on many types of vessels and onshore in various positions.


Marine Outfitting

Marine Outfitting (MO) services to produce on- and off-vessel arrangements for i.e. mooring systems, helicopter decks, watertight doors, stairs and platforms. CMS have acted as MO discipline lead at GVA for several large projects.

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Technical documentation

Technical documentation services to produce Technical Reports, Marine Operating Manuals, Design Philosophies, Specifications, Technical Inquiry’s or other types of documents.

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Exhaust emission reduction

Exhaust emission reduction from diesel engines by several types of measures. CMS have several years of working experience with reduction of exhaust emissions affected by present or coming legislation.

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